MultiSite Property Management Software : Products

MultiSite Property Management System is available in two formats:

  • Enterprise ASP solution, by subscription only.
  • Client Server version for use on your own server network.


Powerful and flexible, our Administrator module includes security levels that enable you to assign module - specific access for each user, in each module. Assign users Reports and access to different divisions and properties.


The Tenants module enables you to manage every tenant from all your properties on one convenient screen. If you use our ASP solution, you can address tenant issues instantly from any Internet - ready computer in the world.

Our system is organized neatly into the following modules for ease of use and precise security control. Each module has powerful reporting capabilities and uses the same user interface design when your staff members learn one module, they will know how to navigate in all the others, as well.

For detailed information about our modules, click each of the names below. To get a closer look at how all our modules work, contact us for a product demonstration.