MultiSite: Maintenance

The Maintenance module helps you keep track of all the data associated with maintaining your properties, including work orders, equipment , supplies, and maintenance personnel. This module shares information with the Tenant and Employee module, making it easy to keep track of tenant - specific work orders, inventory, and billing.

MultiSite Maintenance organizes data into three primary maintenance systems:

  • Work Orders
  • Inventory
  • Assets

Work Orders

This system in MultiSite Maintenance lets you enter and track all property work orders, such as tenant repair requests, lawn maintenance, move - out checklist repairs, and so forth. MultiSite Work Orders also keeps track of unit inventory items, such as refrigerators and stoves, as well as work order costs. Some costs can even be billed to the tenant directly from the work order record. Work Orders is integrated with the Inventory system; when you create a work order, the inventory price is recorded automatically.

  • Enter, track and maintain work orders.
  • Enter materials, labor, subcontract, equipment or other types of resources associated with work orders.
  • View work orders by Status, Property, or Unit.
  • Tie work orders to your inventory database.
  • Track disposal of replaced inventory.
  • Enter future work orders.
  • Create your own work order templates.
  • Bill tenants for all or a portion of the work order cost.
  • Charge work orders against current or past tenants.
  • Use an Easy Unit Cost alternative to standardize cost / pricing of common work order tasks.
  • Residents can enter/edit their own work order requests using our Resident Portal
  • InspectCheck Property Inspection Software integration automatically creates work orders.
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Inventory is a unique, convenient part of the Maintenance module. In addition to tracking your stock room and unit inventory, it exchanges information with Work Orders.

When a work order is created, MultiSite checks Inventory for availability of the required item, removes it from Inventory, assigns it to the work order, and records the price in the work order, automatically. In this way, you know where everything is at all times, as well as when to replace supplies, equipment , appliances, and so forth. When staff members create work orders, they do not need to look up or record inventory prices.

In addition to managing your inventory and work orders efficiently, this system makes it easy to meet HUDês requirements of tracking appliance serial numbers and reporting on how you dispose of each appliance.

Inventory includes the following features:
  • Locations can be added –on the fly” according to your specific needs.
  • Displays and prints lists of inventory in total or by unit.
  • Work Orders keeps track of the stock levels and locations of all inventory items.
  • Tracks the disposal of replaced inventory items.
  • Work Order purchases are automatically posted as inventory items and checked out to the location of the work order.
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With the Assets system, you can keep track of your company assets, such as your office equipment, company vehicles, lawn equipment , and so forth. It lists all your assets, where you purchased them, how much they cost, and the serial number, age, and value of each one. It is a helpful tool when you reconcile your balance sheet items at the end of each fiscal year.

Assets provides easy data entry and tracking for your assets at each site and corporate management office.

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