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Accept payments directly from your website and Remote Deposit Capture. (RDC)

- Our custom integration with PayLease allows payments to be automatically inserted into resident ledgers.  Other service companies send emails when residents make payments then you manually enter the payments.  Our integration does not require you to manually enter payments from emails.

-  Receipts are not limited to resident payments.  Properties can scan checks received from residents and save the trip to the bank.  And, residents can make cash payments from over 20,000 locations. -  Our integration is free.  PayLease charges transaction fees.

Integrated Online Resident Screening and Collections.

- The next generation in tenant screening, credit risk, and bad-debt management solutions for the property management and rental industry. Transaction and other fees additional from screening service solution providers: OnLine Rental Exchange and VeriScreen.

Resident Portal

-  A device independant app allowing residents to
-     Submit, view and edit work orders including upload pictures to the work order request.
-     View their account balance and expected rent payment due next month.
-     Pay their rent.
-     Change Personal Profile information:  email; phone numbers; birthday; emergency contact information; profile picture and other data.
-     When coupled with a vendor like "Communique" residents can add Messaging; Events; News; Emergency warnings and events; Resident News and more features.

Reports Portal

-  Browser portal to allow controllable access to specific reports to specific users.  For example:  Allow your owners and auditors access to the reports they need to view, print, download or export.  You have complete control over the users and the reports.
-  Of course, in-house users can become members also.  Additionally, in-house members have access to software help files, manuals and training videos and other files useful to property managers or management company employees.

On Line Tenant Work Order Requests using the Resident Portal or create work orders from your Inspections.

- Add shortcuts to your existing website and your tenants can begin posting Work Order Maintenance requests from your website. Your MultiSite database is automatically updated with the resident work request(s).  This feature is in addition to the Resident Portal.  Some of our users prefer this method to enter work orders with a web browser or other device for any unit.  For example:  Maintenance personnel can enter requests quickly without logging on to our enterprise software.

InspectCheck Inspections integrate directly to MultiSite Software.

(Automated Work Orders)

- Use your tablet or PC to inspect your property. Your MultiSite database is automatically updated with workorders from the inspection. Build a history of inspections that you can track for years. InspectCheck Inspections subscriptions are available for separate fee.

Full Service Accounting.


- Accounts Payable, Cash Management and General Ledger modules included. All tenant activities can flow to GL as batches or Real-Time posting. NO Transaction Fees.

On Line Utility Billing Service.

- Shop around for your best and lowest cost web portal provider. We provide free daily updates to your provider partner.

Free third party integrations

(Multisite Partners)

- See our existing third party vendor integrations here Multisite Partners.

Free Telephone Technical Support, click for definition of Free.

Free custom program changes and Reports availble

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